Footsteps in Rome


This is the blog for our pilgrimage to Rome. From day to day, you can follow us on our spiritual journey in the Eternal City. It represents our Saint Mary’s College Jan Term 2012 course. We are present-day pilgrims walking in the footsteps of the early Christians. As an example of “backpack journalism,” this website gives you a chance to hear our stories, conversations, and insights; along with a viewing of our photos and videos of this remarkable experience. Welcome!

St. Sebastian

St. Sebastian and other pictures.

Visiting Subiaco!

By autobus we made our way up to Subiaco where Benedict lived in a cave for many years. It was also a place where St. Francis stopped to confirm his vocation before he went on to start his order. Currently monks Benedictine monks live there now. Here are a couple photos of our experiences there. The view is absolutely amazing, truly a magical place!

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Learning To Sing

We’re practicing all our high-notes, for the pilgrimage to Rome. And thanks to Anthony Arteaga — we’re in harmony! Each day while in Rome, our Saint Mary’s group will gather for prayer and Eucharist. So we’re readying ourselves for this enriching experience!